Individual Therapy at Prana Counseling

Just like no two zebras have the same stripes, we are each incredibly unique with personal experiences in every scenario. Therefore, my approach to each client will be met with fresh perspective and an open mind. What is important to me is to understand the whole client, not just the presenting problem or the reason why they’ve come to see me. It is my belief that if we don’t face and treat the true cause of the symptoms then you may not heal the way you would like.

I work with my clients to understand them, and uncover their past, perhaps linking that to their present day struggles. This can be considered psychodynamic. Once my client and I understand them as a whole person then we can begin to treat, change, grow and nourish a new sense of self. I feel strongly that what is necessary to begin to heal is to be ready to work. As your therapist, I will honor each client by working hard to support their efforts towards healing. If you are not ready to work and to be challenged then you may not be ready for therapy with me.