Therapy Services by Prana Counseling

My promise to each client is to come to each session with an authentic sense of self, to honor you and your story, to hold what is the most personal to you completely and totally confidential  (as long as no one is harmed) and to work hard at helping you heal and move towards a better sense of self. I will challenge you, push you, listen and work hard for you every step along the way.  If I cannot help in the way in which I deem best then I promise to offer resources and support outside of my therapy room.


Once I understand you individually, we can work towards healing together.

Couples and Marriage Therapy

Develop unity through therapy to make your marriage and relationship stronger.

Family Therapy

Therapy helps uncover issues with the family as one system. Each part is treated for the good of the whole.

EMDR and Trauma Based Therapies

EMDR has proven to be a powerful tool and therapy when moving through life adversities.