Therapist in Fort Collins

"still, I rise."

Navigating life’s journey can be tumultuous at times depending on the road you are on at any particular moment.  Perhaps your road was difficult to begin with. No matter the journey the need for support at times is invaluable.

When I work with my clients I will take the time to understand their history, their family, and in general their world that has made them unique.  Our past and the way in which we have lived it can define who we are today. I treat the whole person or the whole family through the integration of evidence based therapies and customize each treatment to fit the needs of my clients. I also come to the therapy room with life experience that has allowed me to be fully aware of its challenges.  I work hard to create a trusting and safe environment to allow for a space to work through life’s struggles.


Once I understand you individually, we can work towards healing together.

Couples and Marriage Therapy

Develop unity through therapy to make your marriage and relationship stronger.

Family Therapy

Therapy helps uncover issues with the family as one system. Each part is treated for the good of the whole.

EMDR and Trauma Based Therapies

EMDR has proven to be a powerful tool and therapy when moving through life adversities.





breath, considered as a life-giving force.
“prana is seen as a universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body”