Family Therapy at Prana Counseling

I view a family as one entire system like the engine of a car – If a part of the engine isn’t working or struggling to work with the entire engine then perhaps the car will still move forward but not without trouble or with the potential of failing at any moment. When the entire engine is lubricated and functioning without problems the car is able to move forward without the potential of breaking down.

Families are similar. If there is a struggle with one member of the family the rest of the family may try and continue life as normal or as if they weren’t effected by the other family member. But as times goes by, the system begins to fail, the family begins to fall apart and dysfunction happens.

Often times I may see an adolescent who, according to the mother, needs help focusing at school or doing well on grades. What I come to understand is that the child may be having difficulties at home and therefore is unable concentrate at school. I work to fix the real cause of the symptoms and not bandage the exposed wound. Family therapy is difficult and can seem daunting to some but with my help it can be fulfilling, impactful, and healing.

If you are seeking family therapy then it is important that everyone is ready to put effort towards a main objective.